A natural progression from PRA’s Pre-K to Kindergarten program. Many students also transfer into PRA in Grade 1 seeking smaller class sizes and individualized attention.

Our Grade 1-3 strategy celebrates the joyful curiosity of childhood, Children venture out in to our wetland to study the life cycle of frogs in science class. They learn early to be mentors to the younger students coming up behind them, and look up to the older students achieving success in the more advanced grades.

Our experienced faculty sets individualized standards with our carefully sequenced curriculum, designed to develop children’s knowledge and skills in all areas—physical, social, emotional, and intellectual—to build self-confidence and establish a foundation for life-long learning.


By this age PRA students are fully engaged in their own learning process. They design independent learning projects and presentations and begin to master public speaking by presenting their projects to a broader audience.

No matter their own personal level of ability, the skill of commanding an audience places them head and shoulders above their cohort in all that they do in life.

They learn to watch out for the younger students while looking up to the successes of the older ones. Classes are invigorating, hands-on, thought-provoking, focused and collaborative. Anything but boring!


Getting Ready for High School.

Students are subjected to an increasingly rigorous curriculum and work schedule. They hone their experimental science skills, public speaking, debating, robotics design, music, art and performing in plays.  Students outshine their cohort in the world around them by exploring and learning in a world far beyond their textbooks.

Students progress to a higher level of responsibility for their education. They focus on researching a single issue and presenting it to their classmates where the student becomes the teacher. Our experienced faculty balances guidance with independence as students discover new ways to strive for excellence in all that they do.

Our faculty care deeply about their subjects and their students, creating a warm, accepting environment that extends to all aspects of life at PRA. They enliven the classroom, encourage questions, draw out opinions, and engage children in the conversation of learning.

They graduate with a strong ability for independent learning and are well prepared to achieve in secondary school and contribute to the community they live in.

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