Pretty River Academy offers our international students amongst the highest quality instruction available anywhere in Canada.  Besides a very structured and tailored curriculum, students are personally encouraged and supported.

Students are assessed upon arrival and are placed in the appropriate ESL course.  Differentiated instruction then helps increase the English acquisition rates. Dedicated ESL staff will deliver the skills required for any University or College program and help students achieve the best International English Language Testing Service (IELTS) exam scores possible.

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International students participate in:

  • Academic planning.  Students are trained and supported in adhering to an academic plan which includes goal setting and schedules for independent study.  

  • Etiquette lunches. Students learn North American table manners and skills to engage in social and business dinner conversation.

  • Mandatory participation in school and community events.  An essential component of our programming that makes PRA students successful in gaining admission to the top universities in Canada.

  • Our school chef prepares healthy and nutritious meals.

  • Our Wellness program runs for 30 minutes before classes start to provide an opportunity for our students to improve their level of physical fitness each day.

Other exceptional aspects of our academic success include:

  • Art taught by an exhibiting artist

  • Music taught by a performing musician

  • Study clinic for an hour after class each day for students to get extra support from teachers

  • And a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities to enrich students’ day and build essential experience for university applications


Our Caring Faculty

Our teachers are highly-skilled, experienced educators dedicated to providing challenging programs with full support.  Students thrive in this rigorous, positive, and healthy school environment. Specialized programming fosters achievement and our small class sizes maximize individual attention and accountability.

Pretty River Academy is a small school with big results. Our track record indicates a level of success far beyond average and we can help your family compete in the highest levels of post-secondary education.


Homestay Program

Pretty River Academy international students are hosted by fully-vetted local happy families to provide the comforts of home. Each family is carefully selected to ensure our international students have the best possible experience when they are studying in Canada.

Students are integrated into the daily life of an English-speaking Canadian family. Each student is provided at minimum:

  • Private room

  • Bed, Dresser, Desk, Closet

  • Internet

Food is supplied for the student to make their own breakfast each day and lunch on weekends.  Snacks and lunch are of course included at school. Dinners each evening are prepared by the homestay parent and shared at the family table.

Homestay parents provide transportation to and from school each day. This total immersion in Canadian culture and English are keys to the success of Pretty River Academy students after graduation.  Students are supported in learning and practicing the English language at all times.

Homestay families and students provide monthly feedback to our administrative team to ensure that students have the best possible homestay experience. Our administrative team checks Homestay families and students regularly.

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International Student Testimonials

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Isabella Xie – University of Toronto  Computer Science

The science atmosphere at Pretty River is the richest among all other schools. It provided me with a good understanding of what I am now learning at university. Science fairs and AP courses help a lot to lay a foundation in science studies. The science and math courses at PRA are perfect! 

Maosen Xu – Architecture, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

“The education offered by Pretty River Academy is peerless. Teachers have the willingness to spend any amount of time perfecting our mastery of knowledge. In this school, we students are encouraged to explore based on what we have learnt. That’s why, I think, many students from PRA could procure a spot in both national science fair and math competition, and, eventually, excel in their University.”

 It was not until I met one of the teachers, Mr. Mac, that I realized what  altruism is. Mr. Mac taught me “how great I am” which is something I would never have known if I had chosen to stay in the Chinese high school. Never have I been as confident as I am today.

Maosen Xu’s parents write:

Thank you so much for teaching our son. We, as parents, were worrying about it, when he made the decision to leave China and study abroad alone at age of 17.

Now, we feel settled because of the painstaking work that you have done for teaching him.

Dan Du & Zhaigui Xu

Lorna Lan  –  University of Toronto Engineering

“Pretty River Academy’s high-school math and science program can be more challenging than others, as they will encourage you to take part in various math competitions and science fairs, as well as preparing you for university level courses if you wish (AP Maths and Physics). They also have the most dedicated and passionate Math and Science teachers I’ve ever known.

So, if you are interested in studying math and science, and desire to have fun, happiness and challenges, PRA is the right place for you!” 

Ben Xie, University of California, Berkley, Physics

I feel really lucky that I took AP Calculus AB and BC in PRA, so I can get ready to thrive in my first year at University while the others are suffering in calculus.
It also allows me to start on harder courses. Right now, I’m studying vector calculus, which is designed to be a course for a sophomore.

Take the math, physics, or computer science classes in Pretty River Academy.
The math teacher is the most responsible and nicest science teacher I have ever met.He will tutor you if you do not understand anything, give you interesting creative projects, and make jokes to activate you in class.All of this will make you stronger, and help you cope with the challenges you may face in your future.

Edward Jiang – University of Sydney

The staff are extremely attentive to helping individual students succeed at PRA. There was hardly a day that some teacher was not holding a help session  after school. Math classes in PRA are always where I had the most fun. Knowledge and happiness can both be acquired in this class. Memories of his class still come to my mind very often.