Small class sizes.
Big results.

For Twenty Years Pretty River Academy has taught children to understand their role in the fast paced world around them. They learn to connect with their community so they can thrive in it after they graduate.

Students learn on a 50 acre wetland preserve, at the foot of the Niagara Escarpment – a World Biosphere Preserve. Our natural environment creates a rare learning sanctuary. Our small class sizes ensure your child receives the attention they need to succeed.

From pre-kindergarten through Grade 12, our Independent School teaches students to compete nation wide in math and science.  Pretty River students win some of the nation’s top scholarships.

Your child deserves the best chance they can get.  

Don’t hesitate.  You can still register for this school year.


A better path starts by providing students the right mentorship in the right environment.

Our world is becoming more complex and with the proliferation and technological advancements around us, it has completely changed how people learn, act, feel and behave.

The Pretty River Academy eco-system simplifies student life and is designed around learning and exploring with the right amount of screen time to keep students focused on what matters most.

Classroom windows showcase the gorgeous mountains of the Niagara Escarpment. The fresh air and clean water surrounding Pretty River Academy immerse the student in Canada’s natural environment. A full length deck around the school allows for both casual and scientific observations. The abundance of trees and wildlife surrounding the school allows for enhanced educational experiences.

PRA’s full-sized gymnasium and climbing wall is an ideal space for physical education. Outside, the artificial turf is great for soccer, daily gym class, and a wide range of other recreational activities.


Recognizing Excellence.

Communities and organizations have recognized our business and art students on many occasions and our students have proudly won numerous educational awards across the country.


Agility. Focus. Strength.

Many athletes have attended our high school program due to the superior education we can offer while accommodating their training and competitive schedules.


Community and Unity.

It takes a village, that’s why PRA students play a vital part in the surrounding communities. And the communities play a vital part in PRA’s growth now and into the future.


Fostering Knowledge.

We work together to develop the insights, skills and passion for your children to succeed. Whether they enjoy Robotics, arts or sports, PRA is the place for them to thrive.


Today’s students. Tomorrow’s leaders.

The Pretty River Academy offers one of the best PreK to Grade 12 educational programs in the country. Our programs are balanced with a focus on learning, exploring, health and wellness.


Pretty River Academy

It’s time to thrive.

Providing your children better education and a healthier childhood is easier than you think.

Our teachers are highly-skilled, experienced educators dedicated to providing in-depth, challenging programs while offering their full support. Students thrive in this rigorous, positive, and healthy school environment.

Specialized programming fosters achievement and our small class sizes maximize individual attention and accountability.

Pretty River Academy is a small school with big results. Our track record indicates a level of success far beyond average and we can help your family compete in the highest levels of post-secondary education.